We are extremely proud of the pioneering clinics we have built.  
Competitive Pricing
Get the best quality for lowest rates
Our services costs are extremely competitive with the other dental offices in our area.  However, despite being so, will still work with the best dental labs and technology to provide the highest quality of service for you.  We give you the best dental work without breaking the bank.
Oral Surgery
Evaluation and treatment of the full range surgery problems
We offer many surgical procedures from removal of decaying teeth to the insertion of implants and crowns.  We provide all services to accomodate the needs of our patients. 
On-Going Oral Therapy
Resume your active and healthy lifestyle
We have a fantastic recall system that reminds our patients of their next cleanings and dates of treatment.  By adhering to the schedule we have for our patients, we can help maintain healthy oral care for the long-term.

Cutting Edge Technology and Techniques
Oral examinations using latest technologies and techniques
Our dentists consistently attend continuing education courses to learn the most updated techniques and learn about new products in dentistry that are designed to make your entire dental experience better.  We now use better material that lasts longer and techniques that are less painful which reduces the amount of time you spend on the chair in our offices.

Meet our team

Dr. Nam Phan – Director and Lead Dentist





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